Workers Compensation Evaluations

POSMI has extensive experience in treating industrial injured workers. We understand it is imperative that an accurate diagnosis is made quickly and efficiently and treatment is instituted aggressively and cost-effectively to ensure quick safe return of the injured worker back to his workplace. We believe it is imperative to work closely with the patient, employer and industrial insurance carrier to develop appropriate safe work restrictions allowing the patient to return back to work as quickly and safely as their injury permits. Dr. Podesta has special training as a Qualified Medical Evaluator and is able to provide a comprehensive ratable report that meets all accepted legal standards.Dr. Podesta is a participating physician with a number of workers compensation MPNs. Please contact you worker compensation adjuster to obtain the proper authorizations and to ask if Dr. Podesta is on your employers MPN.

Dr. Podesta is also a Qualified Medical Examiner (QME), Agreed Medical Examiner (AME) and Independent Medical Examiner (IME) and can provide medical legal services upon written request by the industrial insurance carriers or legal counsel. Services provided include Qualified Medical Evaluations (QME), Agreed Medical Evaluation (AME), and Independent Medical Evaluation (IME).

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