Entertainers including musicians, dancers and actors frequently sustain injuries to their ligaments, muscles, tendons, bones and joints. Unfortunately, it may difficult for this unique group of individuals to stop the activity they are participating in. It therefore becomes imperative that the treatment recommended is designed to protect the injured body part while allowing the individual to continue with there activities in a safe and protected manor. Dr. Podesta has had extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries in this unique group of individuals assuring them that they continue to perform in a safe and protected manor. The show must go on!

Dr. Podesta has extensive experience treating overuse and traumatic injuries involving the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine including intervertebral disc injuries, muscle and ligament sprains and strains; shoulder injuries including rotator cuff, acromioclavicular joint, dislocations and instability, labral injuries and fractures; elbow injuries including dislocations, ligament injuries, medial and lateral epicondylitis, ulnar and radial neuropathy; wrist injuries including tendenopathies, overuse syndromes, carpal tunnel syndrome and fractures; hand injuries including fractures, dislocations and tendenopathies; hip injuries and pain, knee injuries including ACL tears, MCL and LCL tears, patellofemoral joint pain, meniscal tears, patella tendenosis; ankle fractures, sprains and strains and foot pain and fractures.

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